Yes, I'll be letting the inner tree-hugging hippie out for the day.

Each April 22nd is Earth Day - a chance to raise awareness of the important environmental issues of the day and encourage as many people as possible to do their bit.

This year I think it may be more important than in any previous year. With a British government that has, in the last twelve months, ditched support for renewable energy projects in favour of handing tax breaks to the oil industry, we seem to be going backwards.

I'll be making my personal donations as usual, but this year, with my book being published on the leanpub platform I'm also able to do a tiny bit more. So I'm going to donate all of the royalties due on sales from the day to Amazon Watch.

For almost twenty years, these guys have been campaigning to protect the Amazon rainforest, the flora, the fauna and the indigenous populations of the region. No matter how much oil might be underneath those trees, if we have to rip them up, destroy the land and evict the locals to get at it, it just isn't worth it. This part of the world is home to extraordinary levels of biodiversity. And rather a lot of trees that all of us depend upon.

So if you were thinking of buying my book, don't!

Not yet, at least. Save it until Wednesday, 22nd April, which is when I'll scoot the percentage of my royalties donated up from the regular 10% to the full 100%.

So if you're on this page before Wednesday, make a note to come back. In the meantime, maybe you could share a link to help me get the word out?

You can learn more about the work that Amazon Watch will be prioritising in 2015 by downloading the PDF from this page here:

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. And have a wonderful day.